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Since sometime last week, when Mags sent me a link to a series of photos of an incredible steampunk costume (and the lady in it), I've been going back again and again to the site of the photographer, and perusing over the the same pictures in some sort of awe-struck coma of delight, as if I have suddenly discovered something completely alien, slightly shocking, a little repulsive, and entirely fascinating.

The site is, a rather huge collection of the photography of Viona, a German girl (about my age) who not only shoots incredibly photographs, but makes incredible costumes, as well as does incredible hair and makeup ... all for some side of Goth I've never seen.  I remember Goths in high school, some in college, a few you'd see around and they were nasty and weird.  They were more punk goth, with the chains and the tattered clothing and the bad makeup.  It was either black, white, a combination thereof, and add in some red occassionally, and all manner of oddness with the hair.  Why these people dressed this way still remains a mystery to me, but since I've become an avid costumer, I am beginning to understand it maybe a little bit more.  Enter Viona, who is herself some strange, mystical, unearthly being.  She is modelesque, with an incredible face, and poses in many of her own photos.  It also appears that every one of her friends is also modelesque, were born seamstresses, and all do great hair and makeup.  To add to the bizarre soup of it all, they're all German, who speak perfect English, and travel the world taking surreal pictures.  They have the ability to attach horns to their head, wear fur and look stunning, obtain and successfully sport colored (or lack there of) contacts, and apply gallons of liquid eyeliner with no flaw nor shakey hand whatsoever.

More strange is that I am attracted to this for some insane reason.   I am not goth.  I have never been, and have not really wanted to be.  The closest I've ever come was wearing black and dark red together, knee-high Doc Martins, and occassionally haphazardly rimming my eyes with black stuff.  I saw these inspiring photos and leapt into action to make something awesomely goth because I had an occassion to wear it - a steampunk dance - and I was not happy with what I was then trying to pass off as steampunk.  I think I am much more attracted to steampunk, but can't quite wrap my head around it.  The layers, the corsetry, the boldness of the Goth Steampunks appealed so much, s I went for it, and I'm very excited about the whole costume.

Part of that costume, though, is makeup.  I suck at makeup.  HARD CORE.  I bought a bunch of stuff...liquid eyeliner, fake eyelashes, red lipstick...and tried it out tonight, only to fail miserably!  I think my problem was making it way too complicated, when it should be simpler.  Simple yet effective.  I just seem to always look like...well...not good!  I look tired, not striking  I'm sure the flourescent bathroom lights did wonders for my appearance!  I think I will have to practice again, with the idea of not going too overboard this time.  I also need to get a different lipstick, one that is not pretty pretty pink.  I do not want to wear white makeup, so instead I'll just wear regular ole foundation, which I have for some reason, though I NEVER wear makeup on a daily basis, not even mascara.  That's not a personal choice, unless you count sleeping longer in the morning as having made a choice.

Anyway, go check out the website, Viona-Art, because it will inspire even the tiniest, most neglected German Victorian Goth Steamer inside you :-)   
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