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I have not posted in a long time because I feel like all I do in this stupid online journal is bitch and moan and bitch and moan.

Other people post lovely dress diaries and pictures of their projects and events and vacations.  I don't have any of that!  If I post pictures of my sewing escapades, it's to the LJ Community DressDiaries.  Otherwise...bitch and moan.

I'm writing from work today because it feels I am on a sinking ship.  There have been many layoffs, including two very important people from my department (PD - product development.)  The ART DIRECTOR, a wonderful fellow and great AD, was layed off today.  Folks from other departments have been cut as well, and there are still many who no longer work on Fridays.  It's an odd feeling - myself and the other artist started working here in December.  It's February.  We're still here, full-time, and people's securities are being toppled around us.  It's obvious that there are no designers, there can be no products, and then that really will be the end of the company...I just feel odd about the whole thing, and now the AD is gone as well.  It really is just us three now, and the product manager.

But what does this all mean?  I am afraid that if our June release of all these new products we've been working so hard on does not go as well as is hoped, then the company might fold.  I will believe that everything else will happen before that -- more downsizing, layoffs, and cost-cutting measures, and I imagine some negotiations in manufacturing and product development (in terms of cost.).  I just got this job, and I don't want to leave it...but it might not be here that much longer.  I do not have The Fear right now.

I suppose I could think about if worse comes to worse...what to do.  I don't want to go back to freelancing, so I could seek another artist position in the giftware industry, which is where I think I want to stay for a long time, for my career.  There are many giftware companies, Lenox and Hallmark being two of the largest -- and furthest away.  Let's hope life doesn't get that least not for a little while.

I'm sad for the people we lost this week.
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