Lauren (lobalina) wrote,

The Tudor Tailor

I'm quite excited for having just ordered "The Tudor Tailor," a book I've wanted a long time, from Amazon.  Good price, too, and I bought it used ("new"), and on its way now to me.  I've seen and flipped through this book once, at a booth at Northern last season, and was pretty interested by the diagrams and instructions.  I've done oodles of web research ever since I became interested in costuming, and there are a few go-to websites I have in my favorites, but when it gets down to it, sometimes you just can't find proper instructions or patterns or enlightening details about certain things you're trying to accomplish.  So I've finally started my collection of costuming books.  I used to buy art books every month -- I'd order at least $20 worth, to get the free shipping from Amazon, and I ended up with some pretty awesome stuff, just from the "recommended" links alone.  I've got a few costume books, mostly the compilations of the Sears catalogs from the 20s and 30s, and one miniature version of the "Fashion" book from the Kyoto Institute, but other than that my costume resources are fairly nill, in terms of print.  I've been coveting the one or two Janet Arnolds I could find at the library, but there comes a time when you just need that stuff there in front of you, all the time.  Demode and other costumer websites are always referring to this book or that one or another, all books I don't have: they also all have "costumer's bookshelf" sections...again, all books I don't have and which aren't even available at what is supposed to be one of the largest libraries on the west coast (MLK Library on the SJSU campus).  
   So can you tell me excitement?  I wonder when it will get here?  I'm working on my new doublet now, with a snag here and there, but I will be making more pieces to go along with it, and of course over the course of my able-bodied life I'll make more and more and more and more and more Elizabethan, Tudor, and Jacobean costumes until my closets burst.

Tags: dressmaking
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